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Profish is your preferred partner in Applied Fish Ecology. We offer a wide range of services, individually tailored to your needs and requirements, based on the most advanced technologies, the latest research methods and the long experience of our scientists. Always in the focus of our investigations: Your request!

Discover Our Activities:

Who We Are?

Profish is a fisheries and environmental consulting company, specialized in fish ecology issues and innovative monitoring techniques. With more than 10 years of experience, nearly 200 references, offices in Belgium, France and Germany, Profish is internationally recognized in this sector. Our strength? The know-how and flexibility of our team of international scientists and qualified partners.

How Do We Work?

We carry out our investigations with leading technologies and own, trained personnel. We believe in sharing technical resources as commitment to advancing fisheries research locally and globally.
We therefore also offer scientific equipment including stuff for pure data acquisition on a rental basis. This allows our customers a very cost-efficient use of current technologies. Our team of respected scientists, including 4 PhD biologists, ensures thereby the quality of the collected data.

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Our Services?

Our core competences include telemetry studies and measures adressing the ecological continuity of rivers and streams as well as fish-friendly operation of hydropower plants and industries. Investigations on the efficiency of fish passes, fish migrations and other patterns of behavior, in particular at migration obstacles, hydroelectric power plants and water abstraction structures are a popular part of our service offer.

Our Customers?

Our customer base consists of energy suppliers, water management companies, fisheries associations and various public clients.