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Aquatic life is continuously exposed to man-made threats, potentially exposing some species to the threat of extinction. Human activities that have an adverse impact on aquatic life are now regulated by a strict legal context, notably through the Water Framework Directive in Europe and other similar legislation around the world (CWA 316b, …). Profish offers a broad range of services and products, based on a scientific expertise acquired and cultivated primarily in the field, making it possible to reconcile human activities with legal requirements.


Our Consultancy Service offers support for industrial projects and environmental restoration projects. We have developed an expertise in biological monitoring of fish populations, in terms of both demographics and behaviour. Securing fish migration routes (dam by-passes, avoiding industrial water intakes) is our premier field of expertise. See below for a list of our services, plus references!


Profish also offers technological solutions directly affecting fish behaviour. Our infrasound barrier, a world first, reduces fish mortality by 80 % at cooling water intakes, while our NEPTUN electrical barrier can be used for wider applications, in the hydro-electric sector and also for more specialised applications. Find out more about these technologies and the results already achieved! 

Last news:

Profish opens a new branch in France ( 02/07/2015 )

Based in Amiens, the new branch will offer all the usual services of Profish and will be led by our new recruit, Dr Romain Roy. This biologist-ichthyologist PhD has extensive expertise in the ... Read more

A better understanding of salmons from the Ourthe river ( 07/05/2015 )

In collaboration with the Fisheries Department, a simplified variant of the Ichtyos Counter is currently being tested in Belgium to detect and record videos of Atlantic salmon smolts during ... Read more

Of the study and consulting aquatic environment

We export our scientific know-how around the world. Satisfied clients including major electricity companies and local associations have benefited from our services.

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