First Fish Recorded by the Ichtyos Detection System in Belgium! ( 2014-12-22)

This brown trout doesn’t known it yet but on Thursday November 27th at 11:58 it officially became the first Belgian fish to cross the Ichtyos Fish Counter System.
This automatic fish counter is the first to be installed in Belgium, and only two counters were installed in Europe in 2013, in Germany. Set up by the partnership Profish – WSP, this high-tech device is able to count, measure and videotape each fish crossing the fish ladder installed on a dam on the Vesdre river.
This is a great step-up for monitoring aquatic fauna. With this device there is no interference with fish in their migratory behavior. The system will continue to provide valuable information about the fish travelling in the Vesdre river.
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Watch the passage of this fish: