Our Technologies

We have the know-how and the necessary technologies to carry out various fish ecology studies:
Whether radio telemetry, acoustic telemetry, RFID telemetry, fish counting systems, acoustic imaging, SONAR, nets, drones, ... all these technologies we can quickly deploy across Europe, thanks to our excellent logistics, comprising off-road and delivery vans, workboats and professional divers, with which we further optimize our operations.

Our Technologies at a Glance

Our Technologies for Your Specific Project

Profish has an extensive contingent of fish ecology research technologies.
For radio-telemetric surveys, such as the detection of fish passages at dams or the monitoring of spawning grounds, we own a large number of mobile and stationary receivers.
We are also equipped with hydrophones for acoustic telemetry experiments, which facilitate investigations in deeper waters as well as the 2 / 3D modeling of fish behaviors.

We further possess a large stock of single- and multi-reader RFID telemetry devices, portable readers with different sized antennas, and an own RFID antenna production facility, which allows us to develop site-specific solutions, e.g. at fish passes.
Besides telemetric methods, we employ automatic fish counters to assess the efficiency of fish passages via video and/or laser detection.
In the field of acoustic imaging, we work mainly with conventional SONAR (38-200 kHz) and acoustic cameras (900 - 2200 kHz).