Video Observations & Fish Counting Systems

Video obsrevations are a very useful tool for obtaining information about the presence of fish species in a water body (section). Video surveillance systems are often used for the monitoring of fish passes, in order to provide an index of the detected species. We regularly apply video-based automatic counting systems that we can complement with RFID tracking studies. We are currently developing a migration alarm system for hydropower plants based on multiple downstream counting systems.

Video-Based Fish Behavior Analysis & Recognition

The commercialization of video cameras for private customers has led in recent years to significant advances in small mobile systems, which are also of interest to the scientific sector. Profish uses this technology for behavioral observations or to detect the presence of fish species at fish ladders and restored waters (sections).

We also use video-based fish counting systems in combination with laser or infrared detectors to monitor fish populations at fish ladders or directly in the watercourse. Through our past projects, our team is very experienced in the automated image-based fish recognitaion using special software, which facilitates a quick and accurate processing of video monitoring material.

Abundance Estimation through Fish Counters & Pit-Tagging

Fish counters are of particular interest for abundance assessments. However, if applied alone, it is difficult to distinguish between new passing and (sometimes multiply) reocurring fish. The additional use of RFID recognition systems facilitates this distinction and thus conclusions on the underlying local stock sizes.
Profish masteres these technologies since a long time and has also has the statistical expertise for these projects. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Profish Fish Counting Systems in Action


  • 2 automatic fish counting systems
  • 2 underwater cameras with hard disk backup and screens

Current References

  • 2013 & 2014 & 2015: Development of an Automatic Eel Counting System for the "Zigzag" Bypass of the Hydro-Power Plants at Rothenfels and Limbach, Germany. Client: E.ON
  • 2014 & 2015: Installation of an Automatic Fish Counting System for the Migratory Fish Monitoring at the Weser Weir in Lhonneux, Belgium. Client: Service Public de Wallonie
  • 2016: Migratory Fish Monitoring at Mehaigne, Belgium with an Automatic Laser Video Counting System and RFID Detections. Client: SPW-DCENN