The Team

Damien Sonny

Fishery Biologist, PhD
Profish CEO

Founder of the company, Damien leads the overal group of companies but is also present in the field. You may meet Damien at international conferences & symposia all around Europe, where he is often invited as keynote speaker on fish protection measures and monitoring techniques.


Robert Bauer

Fishery Biologist, PhD
Director Profish Germany

Robert is heading our German activities. As an excellent marine fishery biologist and scientific diver, he is a key person in expanding our activities in the marine sector. Robert is also member of the International Biologging Society, which underlines his interest in telemetric studies.


Jeremy Beguin

Research Associate & Scientific Engineer,
Spezialized in Water Technologies
Director Profish Brittany

Jeremy is the man you need in a project. There is nothing he can't do, he's a field expert but also an excellent database analyst.


Delphine Goffaux

Biologist, PhD
Telemetry Expert

Delphine has a great field experience, particularly in radio-telemetry studies. She is the favorite surgeon of our fish.