New Scientific Publication by Profish: Evaluation of Fish Protection and Downstream Migration Measures (2015-03-01)

In the framework of the German Forum Protection of Downstream-miragting Fish (Forum Fischschutz & Fischabstieg), Profish has just published a manual on the evaluation of fish protection measures and the risks of downstream migration at hydroelectric power plants. This manual is now considered as the standard manual for risk assessment studies in Germany and can be downloaded here.

The manual constitutes a frame work for an objective site-specific evaluation. Part 1 of the manual focuses on the preparation and application of the field work and the final data analysis. The aim is to simplify the selection of appropriate sampling methods, sampling time and target fishes (species and development stage) to facilitate comparative studies. 22 target parameters are given as quantitative base for an evaluation of fish protection and bypass systems.Part 2 gives a broad overview over appropriate methods for field studies. The aim is to show the method specific fields of application in the evaluation process, the pros and cons for the method use and the suitability for quantifying the provided evaluation parameters.

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