LIFE4FISH: Tracking Eels & Salmons at 6 Hydropower Plants (2017-06-26)

Since the beginning of 2017, Profish has carried out a study on the migration behavior of salmon smolts and silver eels in the Meuse river, Belgium. The aim is to investigate the behavior of these species at 6 hydropower plants by means of acoustic telemetry. This includes, in particular, the identification of their migration routes: embankment, turbines, lock, fishway, etc. A total of 75 acoustic receiver stations from LOTEK were installed ahead of the 6 power plants, after their technical performance had been tested and a complete set-up protocol had been defined (Positions & number of receivers per site, type of mounting system, etc.). This spring, 150 juvenile salmon were tagged with a small ultrasonic transmitter and released. First results could already be downloaded from the receiver stations during spring. Profish is currently conducting the data analysis and preparing for the eel tracking, planned for autumn 2017.