Fish Protection at Industrial Water Inlets

Similar to the turbines of hydropower plants, water inlets are a source of danger for fish. We can determine fish damage, resulting from industrial abstraction of cooling or process water, at the sampling points through catching devices or automated technologies such as SONAR. Such studies are needed to determine damage rates and to test the effectiveness of precautions.
A very efficient method for reducing fish damage at industrial water inlets and part of our services, are electric fish barriers that prevent the fish from entering. This method is likewise suitable for increasing the use of fish passes and as a fish protection measure for hydroelectric power plants.

Fish Damage due to Industrial Water Abstraction

Impact Analysis & Solution Development

Many industries require large amounts of cooling and process water, which they usually take from surrounding surface waters. This applies in particular to thermal power plants, the chemical industry or pump & turbine power plants. The related risk of fish entrainment at the water inlets thereby depends on the plant, the installed filter systems and the local fish populations.
Our modern technical equipment enables us to determine resulting damage rates and to propose site-specific solutions. Electric fish barriers are one example, but other measures can be realized. It is first and foremost a good field diagnosis that decides the effectiveness of later interventions! For this we have a number of examination methods available.