Genetic Studies

Recent genetic technics are now available to support our classical field monitoring techniques with complementary data. In this purpose, we have developped a bilateral partnership with the Laboratory of Conservation Genetics, University of Liège, directed by Johan Michaux.

Genetics as a Tool for Fisheries Management

Some human impacts in rivers can affect fish population genetics. The presence of dams on migratory axis can potentially conduct to a genetic drift of isolated populations. These drifts can now be quantified, in order to evaluate the need for reestablish a genetic mixity. Capture-transport of genitors can then be considered for this purpose.

The Environmental-DNA, or E-DNA, is a new tool under development that will someday maybe replace the classical sampling techniques. E-DNA can today bring us reliable indication about the presence/absence of some species in a water body. It is particularly interesting to track invasive species or threatened species.

eDNA Sampling & Analyses in Pictures